EXO, BTS, Sechs Kies, JBJ, Lineups For This September

In September, a group of male idols rushed out. This is expected to be more intense than ever.

The BTS Group announced its release date first. On the 18th of next month, they will be presenting their new album ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ Her ”. It has been seven months since the album ‘Wings’ was released in February.

This is the first album of the new series BTS ‘Love Yourself’, and this is very interesting because it is the first song of the K-pop group at the Billboard Music Awards.

Image Source : Big Hit Entertainment, YG Entertainment

Sechs Kies is also determined to return in September and prepare for the end of the season. Sechs Kies will be releasing a new song for the first time at ‘2017 Sechs Kies 20th Birthday Concert’ at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul. The release date of this new song is also expected around September 23rd.

EXO will also make a comeback in September. EXO released the 4th repackage album teaser video ‘The Power of Music, #Parallel_Universe’ at 00:00 on the 29th. Although the exact date of the comeback has not been revealed, its comeback in September is very strong.

EXO, who has achieved a milestone record with ‘Quadruple Million Sellers’ by recording a million albums with just regular albums, will show other great music through this repackaged album. In particular, EXO collects topics from November 24 to 26, after repackage activities are completed and will hold a concert at Gocheok Sky Dome for three days.

Image Source : CeCi Magazine, Gioami Magazine

JBJ, the second representative of ‘Producer 101 Season 2’, also debuted in September. Wanna One, who was the first group of ‘Producer 101 Season 2’, showed interest in JBJ, the second representative group, while showing the power of rookie group by breaking records.


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