Had Been Absent For 1 Year, Park Bo Gum Ranked First In Casting

Viewers started to feel Park Bo Gum’s absence. Although he is regarded as one of the top actor who are not picky to choose on the screen or the big screen, his decision for the his next work remains mysterious.

Last October Park Bo Gum played in KBS 2TV drama ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds’, after that he did no work for any project. His absence on the screen has lasted 1 year. He has been getting offers for several projects, but no single piece of work has captivated his heart.

Image Source : tvN

Earlier this year, there were reports that Park Bo Gum would return to the screen to star in ‘Seo Bok’, the latest work of the director ‘Introduction to Architecture’. However, Park Bo Gum finally refused the work. In February, it was known he will star in a history movie titled ‘Ansi Fortress’. But it tureds out ‘Ansi Fortress’ is not the next work. Last July there was also news that Park Bo Gum received the offer of tvN drama ‘Hwayuki’ written by the author of ‘Master’s Sun’ ie Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran. In the end, he also went to ‘Hwayuki’. Until now, his name is rumored to appear in the drama Netflix ‘If You Like Me’ but his agency officially saod, “He (Park Bo Gum) does not star in it.”

Park Bo Gum debuted in 2011, then came to prominence after starring in the tvN ‘Reply 1988’ drama in 2015. The following year he starred in a 20% ‘Moonlight Drawn by The Clouds’ with a successful results by getting awards. Debut 6 years ago, his name soared and continued to shine after 2 years of drama ‘Reply 1988’. This year, at the age of 24, he is building his career to be stable.

Image Source : KBS

Most recently, he received the first scenario of a production team. Since the first scenario-making, many people imagine Park Bo Gum to be in a scene. The film production party said, “Many young actors are leaving for the military this year. If in the past, all the scenarios that come to the actor, everything will come to Park Bo Gum. With his face, he was able to perform in melodrama, action, or history. It’s hard to replace Park Bo Gum. “