The Friendship Between ‘Moon Lovers’ Actors Kang Haneul, IU, and Lee Joon Ki

Lee Joon Ki and Kang Haneul have showered IU their love. The three build friendships through the SBS drama ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’. Before entering the military on the 11th, Kang Haneul met IU at a cafe in Itaewon. The café party uploaded a photo on the SNS with the words, “Kang Haneul and IU returned to visit. Come back in 2 years after completing the military that begins tomorrow ”

In the photo, Kang Haneul and IU wore black clothes and smiled happily. During his departure to the military, Kang Haneul looked enthusiastic. He left the military after meeting his close friends.

Image Source : Instagram

The drama ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’  that aired in November last year, expericed a drop in its rating for competing at the same time with  ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds’, but it remained a hot conversation. It was thanks to the presence of its actors like Lee Joon Ki, IU, Kang Haneul, Nam Joo Hyuk, Baek Hyun, Ji Soo, and Hong Jong Hyun.

IU who is the female lead character has a close relationship with all the actors. Last January, IU held a concert in Taiwan and invited Lee Joon Ki as a special guest star. They both looked perfect in the drama. IU and Lee Joon Ki hugged each other on stage and showed off their friendship. The following day, IU participated in the Asian tour of Lee Joon Ki. He wrote, “Hae Soo (the character in the drama) came!” on his Instagram.

Image Source : SBS

During the filming,until it has ended, both showed their close friendship on ‘Moon Lovers’. Kang Haneul met IU before leaving for the military. The friendship of this male and female friends makes the fans smile heavily.