‘Descendant of the Sun’ Writer Kim Eun Seuk: “Song Hye Kyo Said That Yoo Si Jin Character Has Changed Song Joong Ki”

The writer of ‘Descendant of the Sun’ Kim Eun Suk discussed the marriage of actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Writers Kim Eun Suk and Kim Eun Hee on the 6th held a talk show ‘Goblin VS Signal’. That day, an audience asked Kim Eun Suk whether the meeting of the celebrity couple is because of her.

Image Source : KBS

Kim Eun Suk answered, “You should have asked that question on Song Hye Kyo.” There is a story about Song Hye Kyo telling the writer that Yoo Si Jin’s character has changed Song Joong K and she responded by saying that Song Joong Ki is a real man. Se will make the story sweeter and great. Kim Eun Seuk told that the two look good together and congratulated them.

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