‘Andante’ Production Team Praises Kai For Giving His Best Effort Better Than Anyone Else

On the 15th, KBS 1TV’s Sunday drama ‘Andante’ released photos of the shooting scene featuring Kai and Jeon Mi Sun, who acted as an actor and a mother showing their great chemistry.

In the released photo, Kai feels embarrassed in front of his mother. Jeon Mi Sun, who tries to hit him, looks at him earnestly. He looks very stressful seeing  Jeon Mi Sun who is talking on the phone and he grabs his hair in despair.

Image Source : KBS 1TV

Jeon Mi Sun who has put her phone in her ear brings a compelling look. Jeon Mi Sun, who is talking with a pale face to hear what she has been told, holds on to Kai’s arm tightly with one hand while giving a shocked expression.

Kai plays Si Kyung who prefers to play rather than learn, and he is a high school student who takes a presence stamp in the PC room rather than at school. Jeon Mi Sun, who is so shocked until she cannot shut her mouth for worrying if her son may have a major accident that cannot be imagined.

‘Andante’ is a young emotional regeneration drama which realizes the true meaning of life and love through the first bizarre experience of Si Kyung;s (Kai) life as a high school student in an ordinary town. The drama will premiere and greet the audience on the 24th, every Sunday at 10:10 am on KBS 1TV .

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