[RANK AND TALK] 4 Idols With Unsual Airport Fashion

It is important for Korean artists to pay attention to their airport fashion since people always keep an eye on them. Photos of artists while being at the airport to go for activities abroad are widely spread in the SNS.

Image Source : Instagram

This famous fashionista always looks fashionable whenever and wherever he goes. However, there are still times when he plays the game too much and fails to make us impressed with his style. Even so, GD will always attract everyone’s attention with his unique fashion sense.

  1. EXO D.O dan Suho
Image Source : Instagram

These two EXO’s members look funny wearing same pattern from tops to bottoms.

  1. Super Junior
Image Source : Instagram

Super Junior oftens do silly things, indeed. They even dare to do a cosplay while being at the airport and attracted fans’ attentions.

  1. Eun Hyuk Super Junior
Image Source : Instagram

Still from the same group, this time Eun Hyuk wore Marlyn Monroe costume for losing a bet with other Suju members.