‘While You Were Sleeping’ Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Were In The Same Place At Different Times

On September 14th, SBS’s newest drama “While You Were Sleeping” released a snapshot of the picture between Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) and Nam Hong Joo (Bae Suzy).

Lee Jong Suk acts as Jung Jae Chan, a prosecutor in charge of the 3rd division Han office, and Bae Suzy plays Nam Noodle a woman who can see the future through her dream.

Image Source: SBS

From the released photo, both were seen moving at the same time starting from the road to the park to the subway.

Jae Chan and Ho Joo both felt the morning sun while moving their steps. The picture shows the appearance of the two meeting in the park. Hong Joo was seen talking to a child and Jae Chan was seen giving a balloon to a child.

Hong Joo and Jae Chan who moved toward the same side finally met on the subway. Hong Joo was surprised to see Jae Chan’s face, but there was a difference between Hong Joo’s expressive face and the pale face of Jae Chan.

Image Source: SBS

‘While You Were Sleeping’s drama representative said, “We will feature a special and interesting relationship between a man and a woman namely Jae Chan and Hong Joo. The secret of an interesting relationship between them will be released in sequence before it is broadcast, so please support it”, he said.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ will premiere for the first time on September 27th replacing the drama ‘Reunited Worlds’.