The Most-Awaited Actor Lee Seung Gi Will Return In 2 Months

Military service is an obligation for any Korean men and cannot be avoided without exception even for the entertainers. Celebrities have about 21 months to fulfill their mandatory duties. Many viewers miss them and wait for their return. So, who is the most awaited celebrity out of military service?

Image Source: esquire

The online survey company PMI asked about 2,400 men and women aged from 20 to 50s to choose the most-awaited celebrity after their military service. Singer Lee Seung Gi was ranked first with 42.9%. Lee Seung Gi joined the army in February last year and will be out on October 31st. Calls for Lee Seung Gi keep increasing. What’s more, Lee Seung Gi is considering playing a role in the tvN drama ‘Hwayuki’. Meanwhile, netizens wait for the day he goes out from the military. Looks like Lee Seung Gi has long undergone military service has not been around for long.

Image Source: the celebrity, MUINE

Followed by actor Ji Chang Wook (18.3%) and singer and actor Im Siwan (16.8%) who were ranked second and third. Ji Chang Wook joined military on August 14th and will be out in May 2019. His most recent photo at the event at the military training center caught the attention of the fans. Im Siwan joined the draft on July 11th and is currently in military service. MBC’s drama ‘King Loves’ which was shot before Im Siwan performs military service now has 4 episodes remaining.