Kim Jung Hyun Can Be Trusted As Kim Woo Bin’s Successor

Actor Kim Jung Hyun shows his humble side as ‘Kim Woo Bin’s successor’.

Image Source: KBS

Kim Jung Hyun just finished Monday-Tuesday drama ‘School 2017’, Kim Jung Hyun plays the main role of a boy named Hyun Tae Woon, he said that he felt mixed emotions. He expressed his gratitude for having gotten a lot of love from fans and viewers through the drama ‘School 2017’.

‘School 2017’ is the 2017 edition drama series of ‘Schools’ which is a drama about the emotions of diverse students. Although Kim Jong Hyun did not achieve such a great reputation as Kim Rae Won, Jo In Sung, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin, Kim Jung Hyun is called ‘Kim Woo Bin Successor’ and is predicted as the next generation candidate for a promising actor.

Image Source: KBS

Kim Jung Hyun said, “Thanks to the viewers who have seen me as the successor of senior Kim Woo Bin, but I think it’s too much.” He said that Kim Woo Bin is his favorite actor and considers him as a eniorss with good acting and handsome face.

Kim Jung Hyun added that in the next work he wants to build his own image and eliminate Kim Woo Bin’s shadow over him. He promises to try harder and be more careful and said thank you for giving him the nickname.

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