Yook Sung Jae: “I Will Keep Chasing My Dreams In The Next 10 Years”

Nylon Korea released the photoshoots of BtoB Yook Sung Jae for its October’s edition.

Image Source : Nylon Korea

The theme of the photoshoot is ‘Journey to paradise’, featuring two contrasting charms from the soft ‘Milky Boy’ image to the athletic ‘Sports Guy’ and taken in various places in Hawaii.

In addition to the photoshoot, Yook Sung Jae also has an original interview with the magazine. He was aked what does BtoB mean to Yook Sung Jae and replied, “This is a dream with many meanings. I dream with BtoB, but I still have a dream to always be BtoB’s member.” Then, he was asked on what does he imagine in 10 years later and he replied,”I want to be a person who keeps pursuing dreams. I want to be the one who thinks that dream is always far away and enjoys the process of heading to the dreams rather than achieving that dream.”

Image Source : Nylon Korea

On the other hand, Yook Sung Jae, who has been busy with solo projects and Japanese activities, is preparing for BtoB’s comeback in October.