‘While You Were Sleeping’ Lee Jong Suk: “Acting With a Beautiful Suzy, I Feel Nervous While Shooting”

On September 22nd, SBS ‘While You Were Sleeping’ held a press conference which was attended by actors Lee Jong Suk, Bae Suzy, Lee Sang Yeob, Jung Hae In, and Go Sung Hee. Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy acted leading characters in ‘W’ and ‘Uncontrollably Fond’, this time the two will co-act in a romantic drama. “This time, I do not have to compete with ratings and just shoot happily. Jong Suk is very considerate man and I feel our chemistry is good. I’m happy to meet good people in a nice work. There are so much that can be learned”, said Bae Suzy.

Image Source : SBS

Lee Jong Suk also said “Suzy is not as beautiful as that. But it seemss he took over the melodrama and made me thumping while filming. The shooting becomes great and fun. We have great time shooting many beautiful scenes. ”

‘While You Were Sleeping’ tells of a woman (Bae Suzy) who can see the accident through her dream and a prosecutor (Lee Jong Suk) who tried to prevent her dreams come true. The drama will premiere on September 27th.

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