‘Silent Witness’ Park Shin Hye: “I Learned Many Things While Shooting With Choi Min Sik”

The film ‘Silent Witness’ has attracted attention with a combination of its actors. ‘Silent Witness’ will be released in November, and it tells of the famous singer’s murder case who is the fiancee of Im Tae San (Choi Min Sik), the man who has everything in the world, and his daughter who is accused of being the murder suspect.

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

The film reunites the film director of ‘Happy End’ Jung Ji Woo and Choi Min Sik after 18 years. It also stars Park Shin Hye, Ryu Junyeol, Lee Hani, Park Hae Joon and Lee Soo Kyung.

Park Shin Hye expressed her feelings to act with Choi Min Sik for the first time, “I learned a lot of things on location for shooting with him. He does not forget to give advice and praise.”

“I enjoy the time when meeting someone and co-acting. It feels good”, said Ryu Junyeol. Lee Hani also expressed her opinion, “during filming ‘Silent Witness’ I feel tired but happy, I think we have great chemistry.”

Image Source : CJ Entertainment

Choi Min Sik also expressed his interest in acting with other actors, “I’m glad we all support each other and give advise. Every actor positions himself as a professional.”

‘Silent Witness’ is scheduled to be released in November.