‘Live Up To Your Name’ Kim Ah Joong Transforms From The Queen of Romantic Comedy Into The Melo Goddess

‘Live Up To Your Name’ Kim A Joong has transformed from a romantic comedy queen into a Melo goddess.

On September 27th, TVN’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Live Up To Your Name’ presented in last week episode Kim Nam Gil (Heo Im) showed a warm romance with Choi Yeon Kyung by kissing on the beach. Kim A Joong (Choi Yeon Kyung) has succeeded in acting in the melo genre and managed to attract attention with her unique charm.

Image Source: tvN

In the 13th episode, Yeon Kyung and Heo Im (Kim Nam Gil) spent a wonderful moment together which caused viewers to be stunned at the weekend. Starting from brushing teeth together, exercising together in the morning at home to dating in Seoul and on the beach resulted in a love affair between them.

Along with the happy moments of both, on episode 14 described their suffering with a sad moment of separation. Yeon Kyung felt worried when she heard about his departure for a dangerous deal to save his grandfather. While she felt anxious about waiting for his choice, Yeon-kyung felt anxiously waiting for him to return home and ran as soon as she saw him.

The sadness can be felt from her tired eyes and she continued to hug him without asking anything. Heo Im comforted her with a warm stare and asked if she has eaten while carrying the Sundae Budae Jjigae. That moment made Yeon Kyun can feel the true meaning of love without having to say anything.

Image Source: tvN

Yeon Kyung did not want to hide her feeling anymore to Heo Im who will leave herself alone to return to Joseon.

With this, Kim A Joong has managed to fill 60 minutes of drama ‘Live Up To Your Name’ with melo scenes ranging from sweet meetings to beautiful seperation.

On the other hand, the moment where the grandpa collapsed when Heo Im’s being absence at the end of the episode left viewers wondering how he could overcome this crisis. Kim A Joong who received a warm welcome as ‘The Melo Goddes’ will continue her acting in tvN drama ‘Live Up To Your Name’ on episode 15 on September 30th at 9PM KST.