Kim Nam Joo, Lee Byung Hun, and Jang Dong Gun Return to The TV Screen in 2018

Kim Nam Joo, Lee Byung Hun, and Jang Dong Gun will be returning to the screen. After 6 years for Kim Nam Joo and Jang Dong Yoon, and 9 years for Lee Byung Hun, they returned to play in dramas, and the drama they chose has become a topic of conversation.

Image Source : Marie Claire

In January next year, Kim Nam Joo will star in JTBC ‘Misty’  after 6 years not appearing on the tv screen. ‘Misty’ is a melodious mystery drama, which tells about Korea’s best anchor and her husband identified as a homicide suspect. Kim Nam Joo will act as Go Hye Ran, Korea’s best anchor and co-act with Ji Jin Hee as Kang Tae Wook.

Every drama she starred has always been the topic of conversation and received high ratings such as ‘Queen of Housewive’, ‘Queen of Reversals’ and ‘My Husband Got a Family’. This time, after Kim Nam Joo read the script of ‘Misty’, she immediately said her destiny has arrived and she is ready to make another hits drama.

Image Source : W Korea

Lee Byung Hun will meet viewers through the new work of writer Kim Eun Suk ‘Mr. Sunshine’ after 9 years of not playing in a drama. After ‘Irish’, Lee Byung Hun decided to star in movies only. However, he was interested in the drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’ which tells of a man who went to America to become a soldier when Shinmiyangyo occurred in 1871and returned to his hometown as an American soldier.

Kim Eun Suk always creates syndrome and popularity in each of her works, such as ‘Lovers in Paris’ and ‘Goblin’. Kim Eun Suk’s latest work received great attention. In addition to Lee Byung Hun, the drama also stars Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Suk, Byun Yo Han, and Kim Sarang.

Image Source : Marie Claire

Next year, Jang Dong Gun has been confirmed to star in KBS 2TV ‘Suits’. ‘Suits’ is a popular American series currently airing for season 7. Jang Dong Gun will play Choi Kyung Seo, the legendary lawyer from the best law firm in Korea and will co-act for the first time with Park Hyung Sik. After playing in ‘A Gentleman Dignity’ 6 years ago, Jang Dong Gun actively acted in action film or thriller. The return of Jang Dong Gun as a genius lawyer with perfect visuals is highly anticipated.