‘While You Were Sleeping’ Released Bae Suzy’s Life As Reporter

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ released a still-cut of Bae Suzy’s past working as a reporter.

Image Source : SBS

In last week’s episodes, Hong Joo’s previous work was revealed as a reporter. Hong Joo, who did not know Jae Chan’s phone number continued to feel uncomfortable for not knowing how to communicate with him, she finally gave him her business card. Nam Hong Joo, a reporter for the SBC news reporter is written on her business card. From here, the audience knew Hong Joo’s profession and it offered a reversal in the story.

After episodes 9 and 10, some information about Hong Joo as a journalist was released. It was known that Hong Joo is a great reporter for the social magazine through Park Dae Young, and Hong Joo dreamed that she has quitted her dream to become a reporter but wanted to work as a reporter again.The situation was getting more and more difficult. The audience got curious about the development of the story in the future.

Image Source : SBS

The production team of ‘While You Were Sleeping’ delivered, “After disclosing Hong Joo’s previous work last week, the sad story of Hong Joo who was forced to quit her work will be shown this week.” Hong Joo, who leads a completely different life will be featured on the episode 9-10 on October 11th

Meanwhile, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ will air on the 11th at 10 pm.

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