‘Immature Bromance’ Kim Jong Kook’s Getting Married? “I Will Announce the Good News Later”

Singer Kim Jong Kook who appeared in ‘Immature Bromance’ talked about marriage.

On the 10th, KBS2’s new entertainment program ‘Immature Bromance’ aired. On the day’s episode, actor Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung In, and singer Kim Jong Kook, appeared on the show and shared various stories.

Kim Jong Kook, the only unmarried member of Immature Bromance, said, “I have heard a lot of advice about marriage from friends on this trip.”

Image Source : Maroo Entertainment

Kim Jong Kook said, “I feel left behind from my friends because I have not got married.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook continued, “I will tell you the good news sooner or later” about the time of his marriage.

‘Immature Bromance’ is a real outdoor program that displays the compliments of friends of a celebrity. It was a pleasant journey from a 20-year-old best friend who together said “No fear, no dreams!”. It airs at 11.10 pm.

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