‘Temperature of Love’ Episodes 14 and 15, Audience Hearts Were in Pain Seeing Kim Jae Wook Hurt

Is there a man who has love as sincere as Kim Jae Wook? In ‘Temperature of Love’  Kim Jae Wook has found out that his true love is Seo Hyun Jin whom he has loved for 5 years. The audience got sad seeing his feeling hurt.

Image Source : SBS

On the 10th, SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’ featuring Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) who was surprised to learn that two of his dear ones, Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) and On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) are in a relationship.

On the episode, Lee Hyun Soo and On Jung Sun went on a date to Yeonsu and confirmed their love there. Lee Hyun Soo who has never been able to give a clear answer to his love finally replied to On Jung Sun, “I love you, I love you” she acknowledged. Park Jung Woo came to Yeonsu to find out that Lee Hyun Soo was also there, finally watching both of them on a date.

Image Source : SBS

Park Jung Woo has a one-sided love to Lee Hyun Soo for 5 years. Although he proposed to marry her, Lee Hyun Soo expressed regret over the matter. Although Park Jung Woo is a businessman, he helps Lee Hyun Soo to become a successful writer.

A typical ‘uncle waiting’ style. Park Jung Woo is someone who has no flaw in appearance, money, and personality, so viewers said, “A perfect man who cannot accept reality” and gave him full support. There will be many audiences who support Lee Hyun Soo’s and On Jung Sun’s couple, but viewers do not want to see Park Jung Woon hurt and said, “Why can’t all of them love each other?”

Image Source : SBS

Even when he did not say a word, viewers will feel depressed. Viewers continue to support the character Park Jung Woo played Kim Jae Woo.

Lee Hyun Soo did not that Park Jung Woo actually is going to propose her. Park Jung Woo was faced with a surprising situation, and the love triangle between them is still ongoing and the anxiety gets stronger.

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