‘Hospital Ship’ Episodes 25 and 26, Lee Seo Won Realized Ha Ji Won’s Feelings Towards Kang Min Hyuk

On the 11th, in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Hospital Ship’ episodes 25 and 26, depicted the certainty of Song Eun Jae’s (Ha Ji Won) feelings. For the sake of Song Eun Jae, members of the hospital ship family went to a debt collector who committed violence against her. Yang Choon and the others quickly followed the debt collector. Cho Won Gong and Yang Choon Ho threaten debt collectors to leave Song Eun Jae alone. Song Eun Jae was touched by the help of other family members.

Image Source : MBC

Among Song Eun Jae, the conflict between Kwak Hyun (Kang Min Hyuk) and Kim Jae Geol (Lee Seo Won) was getting intensive. Kim Jae Geol thought Kwak Hyun still has feelings towards Choi Young Eun but Kwak Hyun denied it. Kim Jae Geol’s feelings towards Song Eun Jae is serious as if there will be an even stronger triangle of love. But Kim Jae Geol did a fair game and revealed Choi Young Kyung’s secret.

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Song Eun Jae had dinner with Kim Jae Geol. He asked Song Eun Jae among the two whom she likes more, Song Eun Jae replied,  “You two are the same. Even though I’m not interested to be in love, you’re not the man.”

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Kim Jae Geol said, “the reason why I am so sure, because I have one person I love. I already know who that person you’re talking, and I am sure it is not me.” Jae Geol wanted to ask whether the person she likes is Kwak Hyun. Song Eun Jae said Kwak Hyun is a co-worker and friend, but her heart already made a certain decision. Kim Jae Geol continued, “You do not want to be seen jealous seeing Kwak Hyun with other woman. You do not want to be seen in front of people you like. Maybe you’re more cruel to Kwak Hyun than me.”

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