‘Hospital Ship’ > ‘While You Were Sleeping’ > ‘Mad Dog’, The Competition Between Wednesday-Thursdays Dramas With Various Themes

Viewers get full-entertainment through Wednesday-Thursday dramas on every television station that has different genres and high quality.

According to Nielsen Korea, for the first episode of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Hospital Ship’ earned an 8.5% rating, the second got a rating of 10.0% and made it the first rank at that time.

Image Source : MBC

Next is followed by SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama While You Were Sleeping. The first episode of While You Were Sleeping drama earned a rating of 8.9%, and the second earned 9.7%. This is the highest rating earned by the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ to date. In the previous week, the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ managed to get first place but unfortunately this time it must be willing to lose with a 0.3% rating difference.

KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Mad Dog’ received praise for its film-like qualit and earned a 4.8% rating. In the episode one, it managed to get a rating of 5.5%, but in episode 2 the rating fell by 0.7%.

Wednesday-Thursday dramas competition has attracted the attention of the audience more than other drama competition. Not only the viewer ratings, this competition will go on strictly between the famous drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’, the drama first-ranked drama ‘Hospital Ship’, and a strong newcomer ‘Mad Dog’.

Image Source : SBS

The reason for the fierce competition between Wednesday-Thursday dramas is ‘theme difference’. The Monday-Tuesday drama competition is filled with dramas that have stories about family and romantic stories while Wednesday-Thursday dramas have a variety of different themes ranging from medical stories, romantic fantasies, to investigative stories.

Drama ‘Hospital Ship’ with unique medical theme managed to get a high audience rating because the story can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Meanwhile, the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ has difficulty reaching out to the parents, regardless of the popularity of the drama. Although the complicated story of a dream come true, and adorned with fantasy easily gained interest from the young, it is difficult to attract the attention of audiences from the 40s to 50s.

Image Source : KBS

The competition between Wednesday-Thursday dramas that have various themes will continue. In addition, the slight rating difference makes the ranking in this drama competition unpredictable and can change at any time. This makes the competition more interesting.