‘Room No. 7’ Released Still-Cuts of Do Kyung Soo’s Character

The movie ‘Room No.7’ released still-cuts of the character of EXO’s Do Kyung Soo.

The movie ‘Room No.7’ tells of a boss and a young man who concealed their secrets in ‘Room No.7’ DVD room called Dong Sik in Seoul and two men’s struggle to escape from the twisted situation.

Image Source : Lotte Entertainment

Do Kyung Soo has positioned himself as one of the 20 best actors in Korea through the big screen, and some dramas like ‘It’s Ok, This is Love’, as well as ‘Cart’, ‘Unforgettable’, and ‘My Annoying Brother’. In the movie ‘Room No.7’, Do Kyung Soo will show another transformation with a new look that has never been seen before, acting as ‘Tae Jung’, he has a dream and an invisible future, illustrating the realities of life realistically and not hesitate to play a character who smokes.

Image Source : Lotte Entertainment

Do Kyung Soo plays the role of ‘Tae Jung’, a student who works part-time in a DVD room to pay tuition. He will not stop working part-time to get money as much as two million won. He will be able to pay off his debt if he carries the medicine from the VIP guests, and he keeps the secret in the DVD room ‘Room No.7’ which is always open, but suddenly the boss closes the room to make the audience curious with his character.

The characters and stories are interesting, as well as the meeting between Shin Ha Kyun and Do Kyung Soo increasingly make the audience curious about the movie ‘Room No.7’ which will be aired in November in Korea.