‘The Swindlers’ Hyun Bin Shows Different Acting Performance Which Has Never Shown Before

In the movie ‘Confidential Assignment’ earlier this year, Hyun Bin who serves as a police officer in the Special Forces department and gives an intense action, dazzled 7.8 million viewers. Then at the end of the year, he turns into swindler in ‘The Swindlers’ and shows off his charm with amazing acting.

‘The Swindlers’ is a crime entertainment film about an unexpected team game of ‘fraudsters’ to catch other fraudsters. Hyun Bin plays the role of an intelligent swindler named Ji Sung.

Image Source : Showbox

Ji Sung, who is responsible for designing the entire edition among co-workers who have gathered to capture the ‘swindlers’, is a clever and intelligent fraudster who explores special abilities for basic and perfect deception. Hyun Bin, who has shown a gentle and charismatic character like a 3rd generation chaebol, an uninvited king, and police said, “I’m interested in the character of a cheater and take the challenge.” He explained why he chose the cheating character for the first time since his debut.

On the released piece, Hyun Bin who plays as ‘Ji Sung’ that turns like a chameleon from costume, hair, facial expression has attracted attention. He wears a casual outfit with a deep look in his eyes and a smile, and he shows confident movements and expressions with a perfect suit.

Image Source : Showbox

“This character is totally different from what I’ve shown so far. You can see a bit of my other looks”, he said with conviction and deep voice, and his actions trick the audience into being a fraud with other ‘fraudsters’.

‘The Swindlers’ will release in Korea in November.