‘Untouchables’ Released Still-Cuts of Jin Goo For The First Time

Still-cuts of Jin Goo’s character in ‘Untouchables’ were released for the first time. Jin Goo transforms into Jang Joon Su, a detective who will perform a spectacular and anticipated action. JTBC’s new drama ‘Untouchables’ is a well-made action, which tells of Jang Joon Su (Jin Goo), the husband who lost his wife and revealed the truth of his wife’s death as well as his family secrets.

Image Source : JTBC

Jin Goo plays Jang Joon Su, the second child of Jang’s family who faces the ugly reality of his family. Jang Joon Su is a homicide detective who knows that his family is involved in the death of his beloved wife. Still-cuts of Jin Goo character show off his charisma that is difficult to be reached.

Inside the photo, Jin Goo is fighting a criminal. His blood flowed from his forehead. He hangs in a building and relies only on a pipe. Jin Goo shows a harsh and dangerous scene.

Image Source : JTBC

‘Untouchable’ tells the story of Jang Joon Su, a child in the family who becomes cruel for losing his wife and it is known that his family is involved. The drama will replace ‘The Package’ and premiere on November 24th.