Kang Ha Neul’s Photos in Military Training

Photos of Kang Haneul who entered the army training camp in Chungnam Nonsan on the 11th of last month were revealed online. In the released photo, there is Kang haneul who is posing with uniform training camp. His face seemed thinner yet he still looks handsome.

Image Source : SNS

Previously according to his agency, Kang Haneul who entered the military calmly did not hold special events such as fan meetings. Instead, they reported enrollment only through his SNS account just before entering the military. He revealed, “Looking back to my 20 years, a lot of things happened. As I recall it, I am increasingly aware that there was no time has been wasted. ”

Image Source : SNS

Kang Haneul gets praised as a trustworthy entertainer. People anticipate what he will do in such a short time. After receiving basic military training at the training center for five weeks, Kang Haneul devoted himself as a military police officer.