Yoon Gyun Sang, “I’m a Young Actor Who Wants to Play Many Roles”

Actor Yoon Gyun Sang is loved by the public with his smile and friendly appearance, and now he transforms into a cool winter man.

Image Source : 1st Look

Yoon Gyun Sang became the cover model of lifestyle magazine 1st Look. The magazine representative said, “Yoon Gyun Sang has a familiar charm as the character he shows in the ‘Three Meals a Day’. He is an actor with various facial expressions and eye gaze. Through this photo, we want to show the charismatic figure and show the charm of a winter man simultaneously.”

Image Source : 1st Look

Through this photo, Yoon Gyun Sang displays his casual style and shows a cool appearance in Winter.

Image Source : 1st Look

Through interviews, fans can hear various stories such as his concerns about acting and plans in the future. We would like to inquire about your future role and work plan. “I am a ‘young’ actor, I want to play some challenging roles and there are many faces I want to show. When making a lot of experience in my adult life, I convinced myself as an actor and had an interest in standing on the theater stage. I am very grateful when many people are looking forward to me. I want to say many thanks and will continue to work hard in the future”, Yoon Gyun Sang said.