Yoon Kyun Sang Has A Developing Career, Will ‘Doubtful Victory’ Become A Good Drama for Him

Actor Yoon Kyun Sang will greet viewers through the drama ‘Doubtful Victory’. In November, Yoon Kyun Sang will be acting in SBS’s new Monday-Tuesdat drama ‘Doubtful Victory’ as a detective Oh Il Seung who has a mysterious past.He becomes a sensitive man who has a good intelligence.

Image Source : MBC, SBS

Yoon Kyun Sang continues his through dramas ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Doctors’. He captivates women with his unique charm in every character.

This year Yoon Kyun Sang also got his first leading role in MBC drama ‘Rebel’ and proves his acting talent. Through ‘Doubtful Victory’ what changes will he display?

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‘Doubtful Victory’ is a drama that tells an interesting story of a fake detective who revived the reality of the bad guys who hide in the community. The drama will replace ‘Temperature of Love’ and premiere in November.