‘Room No.7’ Shin Ha Kyun and Do Kyung Soo Show Off Their Strong Bromance

Actor Shin Ha Kyun and Do Kyung Soo (‘EXO’ D.O) show a great ‘bromance’.

On the 20th, the movie ‘Room No. 7 ‘released still-cuts from the movie. The background is an old DVD shop in Seoul. Shin Ha Kyun and Do Kyung Soo were seen fighting fiercely.

Image Source : Lotte Entertainment

Movie ‘Room No. 7 ‘is a dark comedy. Two men hide the secrets of their survival in room no. 7 DVD stores. They try to escape from unexpected events. Shin Ha Kyun plays the owner of a DVD shop called ‘Doo Sik’. He is very frustrated with the monthly rental fee that has been in arrears for 10 months and also the extra costs. He finally makes every effort to sell his shop.

In the movie still-cuts, viewers can see their emotion. Shin Ha Kyun was seen chased by debt collectors. It makes people more curious about what he hid in room no. 7. Do Kyung Soo plays a part-time worker named ‘Tae Jung’. He has a goal in his life but in reality, he has a debt of 18,000,000 won. He cannot leave the DVD store until he gets his pending salary.

Image Source : Lotte Entertainment

The atmosphere is very mysterious. Do Kyung Soo was seen standing in room no. 7. He frowned and kept looking at someone. He even threatened Shin Ha Kyun using a flowerpot. More and more questions have arisen behind the tense atmosphere. Shin Ha Kyun said, “There are various genres that can be seen from this movie like thriller, horror, action, and so on.”

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Room No. 7 ‘is scheduled to be released in Korea on November 15th.