‘Bad Guys Season 2’ Joo Jin Mo: “I Believe This Drama Feels Realistic”

The transformation of Joo Jin Mo and Ji Soo in ‘Bad Guy Season 2’ attracts attention. The new drama OCN ‘Bad Guys season 2’ will air in December, releasing bad guy characters in the past, Heo Il Hoo (Joo Jin Mo) and Han Kang Joo (Ji Soo). Even after dropping some people, Heo Il Joo looks frightening and Han Kang Joo who exercises in custody, forming a sturdy body posture, has attracted attention. Heo Il Hoo is hiding from his old organization and runs a simple restaurant business.

Image Source : OCN

Joo Jin Mo, the man who even has muscles in his arms looking charismatic. “For two months I got acquainted with the actors, I was drowning with my own character and now on the set I have great fun”, he expressed his opinion regarding filming. He also added, “I can tell you confidently, you can see the dialogue, characters, and directions that live in this drama even though there are still many episodes to shoot.” It further reinforces the expectation of ‘Bad Guys 2’ which is considered to be a well-made movie.

Image Source : OCN

Besides Heo Il Hoo, Han Kang Joo’s past also makes viewers curious. He is a prisoner who received money in prison. “I never betrayed anybody”, Han Kang Joo’s dialogue hinted at his character. He is the one who wore the prison clothes to stay alive. It is expected that Han Kang Joo will begin to take revenge for an unfair crime.

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