Kim Jae Wook’s Acting Talent Regardless of Genre … From Thriller to Melodrama

Actor Kim Jae Wook attracts viewers attention with his acting as various characters regardless of any genre. In the SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’ Kim Jae Wook plays Park Jung Woo, a businessman with perfect strength, talent, and personality. He can recognize good people quickly and invites Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) to become a writer in his company. He has loved her for 5 years. Though he already expressed his love to Hyun Soo, Hyun Soo says she loves another man, but Jung Woo still does not give up. Kim Jae Wook becomes a true grown man who still keeps his love. He conceived the ideal male figure in this drama.

Image Source : OCN

On the other hand, Kim Jae Wook shows an extraordinary and unprecedented criminal character through the OCN drama ‘The Voice’ in the first half of this year. He played the role as psychopath Moo Tae Goo whose appearance can make the audience panicked. The deadly villain, who creates an unexpected atmosphere in a sexy and elegant way. Viewers could not miss watching Kim Jae Wook.

Image Source : SBS

From ‘Voice’ to ‘Temperature of Love’, Kim Jae Wook has made a dramatic transformation in just 6 months. In Winter this year, he plays a villain that makes everyone feel scared, but in fall, Kim Jae Wook turns into a sexy man who desperate to get his love. Successfully featuring the character from thriller to melodrama in the same year, Kim Jae Wook is increasingly shining with just two dramas this year.

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