‘Witch’s Court’ Viewers Rating Dropped Yet Staying in 1st Position on Monday-Tuesday Drama Competition

‘Witch’s Court’ stays in the 1st position.

Image Source: KBS

On the 24th according to Nielsen Korea’s rating agency, KBS 2TV’s ‘Witch’s Court’ drama (directed by Kim Young Kyun, Kim Min Tae / written by Jung Do Yoon) aired on the 23rd of the afternoon received a 10.2% rating nationwide.

This figure decreased 2.1% from the previous 12.3% viewing rating but still held the 1st position.

Image Source: SBS, MBC

SBS ‘Temperature of Love’ that airs on the same time zone got a 6.6% and 8.1% rating, while MBC ’20th Century Boy and Girl’ gained the rating of 3.2% and 3.7%.