Park Shin Hye Has Finally Made A Special Appearance in ‘Temperature of Love’, Will It Increase The Rating?

Park Shin Hye has finally appeared in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Temperature of Love’.

Image Source : SBS

‘Temperature of Love’ has attracted viewers attention to the charm of Yang Se Jong and Kim Jae Wook with Seo Hyun Jin. It is filled with Yang Se Jong’s strong affection and Kim Jae Wook’s gentle and deep character. However, the love triangle becomes more elastic. On the 23rd, Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) knew that Lee Hyun Soo and On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) have become a couple, but he still planned to make a proposal for Lee Hyun Soo, there was controversy about how to make preparations for On Jung Sun. Park Jung Woo, who has been searching for Lee Hyun Soo for five years, may have been confronted with his own thoughts, but most of all mesmerized by Park Jung Woo, who is an intriguing supporting character.

Park Shin Hye will be influential in the drama ‘Temperature of Love’. Park Shin Hye confirmed playing as a cameo in ‘Temperature of Love’ due to her relationship with writer Ha Myung Hee in the drama ‘Doctors’. Park Shin Hye does not act as a doctor Yoo Hye Jung who believes in humanity as in the drama ‘Doctors’, but she acts as the top star Yoo Hye Jung. In the episode of ‘Temperature of Love’ on the 23rd, Lee Hyun Soo who was preparing the drama ‘Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone’ with Park Jung Woo’s suggestion, was delighted to hear that Yoo Hye Jung wanted to see her. What kind of performance will be shown by actress Yoo Hye Jung who likes the script from a new scriptwriter Lee Hyun Soo?

Image Source : SBS

Viewers wonder whether ‘Temperature of Love’ will be able to rise to the first place in Monday-Tuesday drama competition with Park Shin Hye’s special appearance. ‘Temperature of Love’ episodes 21 and 22 aired on October 24th.

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