‘Temperature of Love’ episodes 19 and 20, The Love Triangle Between Kim Jae Wook, Seo Hyun Jin, and Yang Se Jong Becomes More Heated

On the 23rd of Monday-Tuesday drama SBS ‘Temperature of Love’ episodes 19 and 20, depicted Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) who found out On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) and Lee Hyun Soo’s (Seo Hyun Jin) relationship but did not give up on Hyun Soo. Jung Woo preferred Hyun Soo rather than his friendship with On Jung Sun.

Image Source : SBS

Jung Woo got even more upset after learning about Jung Sun and Hyun Soo’s relationship. But he could not easily give up on the one he loves. Jung Woo deliberately proposed her to provoke Jung Sun. Jung Woo kept trying, and Jung Sun was shocked to see Jung Woo.

Can Jung Woo who always gets whatever he wants interfere with Hyun Soo and Jung Sun’s relationship? Hyun Soo’s feeling has always been on Jung Sun to this day. However, Hyun Soo was forced to follow Jung Woo’s wish because he always helps her in drama production. Jung Sun also realized Jung Woo likes Hyun Soo and was surprised.

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There is discomfort in Hyun Soo and Jung Sun’s relationship. To date, Jung Sun’s mother relationship, Yoo Young Mi (Lee Mi Sook) with Hyun Soo is still fine. But there is always the possibility for Jung Sun with Hyun Soo to separate because of contrasting personalities.

Image Source : SBS

The love triangle between Hyun Soo, Jung Sun, and Jung Woo is pretty clear. But the writings of Ha Myung Hee adds excitement and a strength for the story and talent of the actors. Is the end of this triangle love story getting heated up. The development of stories increasingly makes viewers curious.

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