Jung Yonghwa Wants to Take A Rest After Working Hard in His 20s

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa is in his late 20s and expressed his feelings.

The photoshoots of Jung Yonghwa posing like a tourist as in JTBC drama ‘The Package’ were released via Elle magazine on the 24th. Jong Yonghwa expressed his emotions about the image of a traveler who went to an unfamiliar place for a photo shoot in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. In the background of the marina and cruise, Jung Yonghwa smiled and finished the photo shoot with a high sensitivity atmosphere and great look.

Image Source : ELLE Magazine

In an interview with the magazine, Jung Yonghwa said, “One or two years ago, I forgot to take a break, I never had resting time, I like my job and it was a personal pleasure, but in my late twenties, I’ll have some time to rest. ”

Image Source : ELLE Magazine

As for Jung Yonghwa’s role as San Ma Roo in the drama ‘The Package’ he said, “When I play the character, I felt that I was dressed very well, the director and the seniors also praised that I play a funny and intelligent character. I wonder if the audiences see that this role suits me or not.”

Image Source : ELLE Magazine

‘The Package’ is a drama that tells of traveling and events that occur among people who choose to travel for different reasons.