Ha Myung Hee’s Great Second Lead Actors, Park Hyung Sik, Yoon Kyun Sang, and Kim Jae Wook

They are more interesting than the main character. In Ha Myung Hee’s work, the second leading characters become more special. They are much more popular in the eyes of the viewers. Characters that are considered more fascinating than the main male characters and become the character of life for some of its actors. Starting from Park Hyung Sik from ‘High Society’, then Yoon Kyun Sang ‘Doctors’ to Kim Jae Wook ‘Temperature of Love’. Writer Ha Myung Hee makes them more enchanting.

Park Hyung Sik ‘High Society’

SBS ‘High Society’ aired in 2015, Park Hyung Sik plays an important role just like the main character played by Sung Joon. Through this work, Park Hyung Sik turned into a good actor. He plays the role of Yoo Chang Soo, a handsome second-generation chaebol and got praise from the viewers. This character became very popular in ‘High Society’.

Image Source : SBS

Yoo Chang Soo’s character in ‘High Society’ proves Park Hyun Sik’s credibility as an actor. Park Hyung Sik successfully gives this character color with a joking but honest attitude. The characters look easy, but he is very graceful. The figure has self-confidence and is rated as a figure that boosts the ‘High Society’ rating to be more popular than the male and female lead actor.

Yoon Kyun Sang ‘Doctors’

Last year the drama SBS ‘Doctors’ by Ha Myung Hee has also created a fascinating character Jung Yoon Do. Played by Yoon Kyun Sang, Jung Yoon Do is the eldest son of a strong doctor family but he has no interest in becoming a boss. He became a dazzling character for being honest. He undoubtedly shows his feelings honestly to the woman he loves and the woman who loves him.

Image Source : SBS

With a stable acting performance, Yoon Kyun Sang makes Jung Yoon Do a dazzling character. His chemistry with Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung is also great. His character is not described as either evil or good, but Jung Yoon Do’s personality is enchanting and different from Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won).

Kim Jae Wook ‘Temperature of Love’

Kim Jae Wook also joins Park Hyung Sik and Yoon Kyun Sang as a substitute for a fascinating main character through the SBS drama ‘Temperature of Love’. Audience interest towards him is very high. In the drama, he plays Park Jung Woo whose personality is different from On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong). The actors’ attempts to bring the characters to life have a good result.

Image Source : SBS

Park Jung Woo has one-sided love to Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) for 5 years. Nevertheless, he is the type of man who waits and is on the side of the woman he loves. He also has all kinds of qualities such as appearance and wealth. Park Jung Woo’s charm lies in his patience watching Lee Hyun Soo and On Jung Sun, honesty expressing feelings, and evaluating people quickly. Kim Jae Wook’s uniqueness adds to Park Jung Woo’s more perfect character.