Gugudan’s Sweet Transformation In Comeback Song ‘Chococo’

Girl Group Gugudan makes a comeback with the song ‘Chococo’ and shows their sweet transformation. On the 25th, through its official SNS, Gugudan released the teaser image and displayed the concept for their third masterpiece. Its background is bright pink, designed like a letter with brown inscription and shows the group sweet change.

Image Source : Jellyfish Entertainment

In their comeback teaser image, the photo looks like an invitation with the title of comeback album Gugudan ‘Act.3 Chococo Factory’. With unique designs and ornaments that remind us of chocolate, they will show an intense charm.

In this new album, Gugudan uses the same motif as the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolatte Factory’. Like the unique and sweet atmosphere given in the movie, they also have a long-awaited appeal and are determined to draw people’s attention to their charm. Gugudan announced this different musical style which will be released as single ‘Act. 3 Chococo Factory’ on November 8th at 6 pm on various music sites.