‘Untouchable’ Released Still-Cuts of Go Joon Hee, The Seductive Brilliant Woman

The appearance of actress Go Joon Hee in the drama ‘Untouchable’ was revealed, her acting changes increasingly which is greatly anticipated. JTBC new Friday-Saturday drama  ‘Untouchable tells the story of aggressive acts committed by two brothers. Jang Joon Su (Jin Goo), a husband who lost his wife unveils the crime committed by his family, and Jang Gi Su’s first child (Kim Sung Kyun).

Image Source : JTBC

In the drama, Go Joon Hee plays as Goo Ja Kyung, the daughter-in-law in the ambitious Jangsung family. She is the daughter of a former president and a wife. Goo Ja Kyung has an intelligent mind, but as a woman she is less recognized. She is a figure full of emotion and hatred but hidden behind her composure.

Image Source : JTBC

‘Untouchable’ production team said, “Go Joon Hee will be transformed into the daughter of a rather strange former president. Go Joon Hee subtly displays various emotions and drowns in Goo Ja Kyung’s ambitions. We hope you guys can see Go Joon Hee’s charm through Goo Ja Kyung’s character.”

‘Untouchable’ will replace ‘The Package’ and premiere on November 24th at 11pm.