Park Hyung Sik, Im Siwan, Yoona, and Kim Se Jeong Won Win ‘Popularity Award’ in The Seoul Award

On October 27th at 6 pm, The first Seoul Award was held at Kyunghee University Hall of Peace. The Seoul Award is a special awards ceremony meant for the public and actors in Hallyu Wave-based dramas and movies.

At the event, stars in the drama and cinema industry who brought the Hallyu Wave during the past year have gathered together.


Park Hyung Sik, Im Siwan, Yoona, and Kim Sejeong won the ‘Popularity Award’. The winner of this first Seoul Award was 100% selected by both domestic and foreign fans. The selected four Popularity Award winners consisting of two men and two women.

In the men’s category, Park Hyung Sik showed his acting skills in the drama JTBC ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. Park Hyung Sik received 48.27% of the votes.

The popularity of other men was obtained by Im Siwan through the movie ‘The Merciless’. Im Siwan has turned into an influential actor and gained a lot of support and is currently undergoing military service. Through this film, he has gained the opportunity to advance to the Film Festival de Cannes. He earned 40.06% votes.

Image Source : InStyle, 1stLook

In the popular female artist category, Yoona and Kim Sejeong won with the film ‘Confidential Assignment’ and KBS drama ‘School 2017’. Yoona took first place with 30.8% of the vote. In this film, the meaning of popularity award becomes increasingly felt because Yoona contributed greatly in the movie ‘Confidential Assignment’.

Kim Sejeong placed second with 27,34% of the votes. In ‘School 2017’, Kim Sejeong shows a cute and refreshing appearance that successfully enliven the screen. Kim Sejong is expected to continue being active as a singer and an actress in the future.