‘Black’ A Unique Drama Featuring Thriller As Well As Comedy

This is an interesting trend. On the 14th, the weekend drama OCN ‘Black’ aired its first episode. Each episode continues to increase the viewer’s rating. In episode 4, this drama earned the highest rating up to 5%. ‘Black’ is a mystery drama that tells of the angel of death named 444 (Song Seung Hun) and Ha Ram (Go Ah Ra) a woman who can see death. The drama focuses on solving the cases related to death.

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In the beginning of the first episode, Ha Ram is a part-time worker at a hamburger restaurant who meets her former lover. Ha Ram can see the shadow of death and tell he ex-boyfriend about it. This is a gift from God. In episode 4, 444 and the angel of death appeared in the crowd. In episode 3, a victim named Han Jin Sook (Bae Jung Hwa) who died in episode 1 passed the police station.

There are no scenes in ‘Black’ that are in vain. Thanks to the design, the scenes and scripts in the previous episode were really good. At a press conference, Song Seung Hun revealed, “When I read the script for the first time, it’s so hard.”

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The main genre of ‘Black’ is a thriller. Yoon Soo Wan’s past (Lee El) and recording as the center of the conflict. This is also the reason of Soo Wan’s friend, Han Ji Wuk found dead in the refrigerator. The theme in these 4 episodes was difficult. Another reason why Han Moo Kang looks like a human and trapped with detectives was Ha Ram’s father’s death, and the story focused on 444.

It’s not as heavy as it looks. An element of comedy is also channeled in ‘Black’. 444 borrows Han Moo kang’s body and pursues an unresolved case. Living in an unfamiliar world, his behavior makes us laugh. One day, suddenly he used informal language, and other detectives feared of Han Moo Kang who was carrying a weapon. The same applies to angelic lifting. ‘Black’ is a work made by PD Kim Hong Sun who also made ‘Voice’. PD Kim’s strength is the visual intensity. This time too ‘Black’ was made without hesitation. ‘Black’ is a drama about death. There are many scenes that contain elements of fantasy like the angel of death.

Image Source : OCN

The death angel that appeared in episode 3 is the representative of them in the world. The presence of death angel from another world is unique. Space that combines the other world with the audience. The music is also well-made to display a unique mystical atmosphere. OST that feels different and sophisticated is the work of Nam Hye Seung. He is a famous music director who also participated in the SBS drama ‘Jealousy Incarnate’ and tvN ‘Goblin’.

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