‘The Package’ Episode 5, Lee Yeon Hee and Jung Yong Hwa Kissed, Will Destiny Determine Their Love?

JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Package’ episode 5 on October 27th, featured Yoon So So (Lee Yeon Hee) and San Ma Roo (Jung Yong Hwa) sharing the first kiss because of a mistake.

Image Source : JTBC

So So thought that Ma Roo is the man destined for her as he paved the way to the Micael statue. However, Ma Roo who did not know the current situation shouted at So So that he will go straight to the market, but So So invited Ma Roo who did not know the way to go to the wine shop instead of the market. She heard the story of Ma Roo being accused of internal corruption shortly before traveling, “Ma Roo, you have not made a mistake. You did very well. So do not feel like a sinner” and made Ma Roo felt good.

Almost at the time of the wedding in Mont Saint Michel, “I once ran here, and this is where I met the man who was destined for me. On top of Michel’s statue”, So So told fate to him. “Then do not cry. If you cry, you cannot see him anymore. Do not blame yourself, when you meet him, blame the man destined for you. Why feels too late”, said Ma Roo. So So replied,”I do not believe in destiny.”

Image Source : JTBC

But Ma Roo, “Even if you do not believe it you will meet a good man. Because So So is a good woman”, he said with a warm laugh. So So who was carried away by the atmosphere kissed Ma Roo, Ma Roo who was shocked to reply to the kiss. Although this is a mistake, their first kiss was done under the feet of angels.

The next day, Ma Roo went home alone to Korea, whereas So So and the other tourists went back up the angelic statue of Michel. Like fate, So So who stood alone under the feet of an angel finally met with Ma Roo who returned. Ma Roo said, “Why did you arrive late?”, he said and So So was ensured that the man destined for him was Ma Roo.

Image Source : JTBC

There was a romantic reunion, as the two of them descend from their monastery meet Yoon Soo Soo (Yoon Park). Soo Soo approached So So and said, “I’m sorry, I came too late” he said while crying. But the reunion between Soo Soo and So So in front of Ma Roo was just a misunderstanding.

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