Song Joong Ki Goes to Kim Joo Hyuk’s Funeral Straight After His Wedding

Actor Song Joong Ki came to Kim Joo Hyuk’s funeral. On the 1st, Song Joong Ki showed his last greeting to Kim Joo Hyuk at Asan Medical Center, Seoul. A day earlier, Song Joong Ki married Song Hye Kyo on October 31st. Entertainment industry called the happy news about Song Joong Ki’s wedding as a ‘Couple of the century’ but suddenly a famous veteran actor Kim Joo Hyuk got into a car accident and died.

Image Source : Blossom Entertainment, UAA

Kim Joo Hyuk’s funeral on the 31st coinciding with the day of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s wedding. Many entertainers who came to the wedding went home early to go to his funeral. After the guests had spent the happy days of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, they paid their last respects to Kim Joo Hyuk. On the last day of October, when two couples were met, there was a sad separation on that day.

Song Joong Ki was seen paying his last respect to Kim Joo Hyuk. After the wedding that was attended by overseas guests finished, newlywed Song Joong Ki completed the whole series of wedding ceremonies and came to Kim Joo Hyuk’s mortuary.

Image Source : 1sr LOOK

Actually, people did not expect Song Joong Ki’s presence for Kim Joo Hyuk’s funeral. As the main character of the show, he was expected to be very busy. But after completing all the wedding ceremonies, Song Joong Ki showed his condolences to Kim Joo Hyuk. Song Joong Ki looked in grief and sad.

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