‘Temperature of Love’ Episodes 27 and 28, Seo Hyun Jin and Se Seong Jong Face A Crisis in Their Relationship

Seo Hyun Jin finally took out her emotions to Yang Se Jong. The couple who will not be easy to shake, seemed to start changing. On the 6th of Tuesday-Wednesday drama SBS ‘Temperature of Love’ episodes 27 and 28, Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) began to hesitate about her relationship with On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong).

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Hyun Soo and Jung Sun’s relationship has never wavered despite being plagued by Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) and Young Mi (Lee Mi Suk). Jung Sun’s mom who secretly borrowed money to Park Jung Woo without his knowledge created a big problem and made her cry. Hyun Soo also invited Jung Sun to live together and proved her love. But Jung Sun refused her with the excuse that Hyun Soo will be burdened by her mother. Hyun Soo has said that she can accept her mother’s condition, but Jung Sun still refused her request. Currently Jung Sun is having a lot of trouble.

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Hyun Soo felt a little gap with Jung Sun who refused her offer, but she tried to approach him again. Even so, Hyun Soo started to feel sick and worried about Jung Sun’s painful words. Hyun Soo knew about Jung Sun’s past being mistreated by his father, but Jung Sun immediately changed and said he did not want to talk about it, Hyun Soo returned to her depressed expression.

Jung Sun’s mother called Hyun Soo, expressing her guilt and crying, so Hyun Soo comforted her. Then Hyun Soo met up with Jung Sun, but Jung Sun was upset that Hyun Soo met his mother without his knowledge. He was upset that her mother should not have interfered in Hyun Soo’s relationship with him.

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“You cannot get rid of your mother to live” Hyun Soo tried to touch the feelings of his lover. Hyun Soo also said that she’s afraid Jung Sun will give up and leave her. Meanwhile, Jung Sun’s response was different, “You do not believe me” with a convinced tone. Hyun Soo got angry and yelled, “Do you think this is just a pleasure for me? Why are you just thinking of yourself?” with a trembling voice, Hyun Soo cried.

There has been a challenge in the love of the two who are trying to survive. Will Hyun Soo and Jung Soon get a hard time to ensure their love for each other and overcome the crisis?