Kim Yeon Jung, Kim Yoo Jung’s Sister, ‘Outstanding DNA’

Kim Yoo Jung’s older sister Kim Yeon Jung has become a hot topic because of her beauty which looks like a celebrity.

Recently photos of Kim Yoo Jung’s older sister Kim Yeon Jung are circulated in an online community.

Image Source : Instagram

In the photos, there are some selcas of Kim Yeon Jung. Kim Yeon Jung has big round eyes, a sharp nose like a doll, she also shines with her white teeth. What’s more, her smooth skin and natural beauty like her sister, Kim Yoo Jung, proves that this family has an incredible genes.

Image Source : Instagram


Responding to the photos, the netizens commented, “Well, she’s very similar to Kim Yoo Jung”, “The DNA is amazing”, “It’s a very important gene”, “Very beautiful, she and her sister”, “The gene of this family is very great”, “her sister would be a successful celebrity”, “It is from birth she is destined to be beautiful”, and so forth.

Meanwhile, Kim Yeon Jung appeared in a web drama that aired in August entitled, ‘The Crush Omniscient Point of View’.

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