IU is Considering to Play The Female Leading Character in tvN’s Drama ‘My Ajusshi’

IU is considering to become the female lead in the drama ‘My Ajusshi’.

On November 8th, tvN stated, “We offer IU as the female lead in the drama ‘My Ajusshi'” and IU’s agency stated, “We are reviewing the work.”

Image Source : LOEN Entertainment

In the drama ‘My Ajusshi’ IU was offered to play Lee Ji An who must pay off a 3-month contract to pay for her debt. At the age of six, she was left alone with her grandmother and has been living by working to pay off her family’s debts without dreams, plans, and hopes.

The latest drama tvN ‘My Ajusshi’ which will be aired next year is directed by Kim Won Suk who directed ‘Signal’ and written by Park Hae Young who once wrote ‘Another Miss Oh’. This drama tells of a man in his 40s and a woman in her 20s helping each other to survive. Lee Sun Kyun has been confirmed to portray the character of a 40-year-old man, and Na Moon Hee is reportedly also considering to take part in the drama.