Is Miss A Disbanding? Min Has Left JYP Entertainment, Suzy and Fei Remain

Can Miss A get back on the move? Miss A’s existence is not clear. Jia and Min have left JYP Entertainment and now only Suzy and Fei remain with the agency. Suzy is focusing on solo career and acting, half of the members of Miss A left the agency, and people speculate the group is going to disband.

Miss A debuted in 2010 and gets praise as a junior of Wonder Girls. They debuted with the song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ and became very famous. In the same year, they were awarded as the best newcomers.

Image Source : JYP

The group stayed strong and active in the music industry. ‘Breathe’, ‘Goodbye Baby’, and ‘Touch’ became hits songs and their names became more popular. By 2015, after 1 year and 5 months, they released ‘Only You’ and again became hits single.

But after that, this group has no other activities. Moreover last year Jia did not renew her with JYP Entertainment. Miss A began to falter. Jia focused on her activities in China and left JYP.

Image Source : Mnet

After that Miss A activity stalled, Suzy actively builds a career as an actress starring in movies and dramas. Last year she released her first solo album. In August Suzy renewed her contract with JYP. Fei also extended the contract with Suzy and debuted as a soloist.

As expected, Min did not renew her contract with JYP. Only half of Miss A’s group is left. JYP party said, “There has been no decision about the activities of Miss A in the future.”