Moon Geun Young Has Recovered from Compartment Syndrome and Thanks Fans for Their Support

Moon Geun Young became the magazine cover model by showing her first appearance in lifestyle magazine ‘BIGISSUE’. Not only Moon Geun Young, but also staffs like the makeup artist and stylist have long been involved in this photo shoot.

Image Source : BIG ISSUE

Through an interview with the magazine, Moon Geun Young revealed her unconventional interest in making a comeback through film ‘Glass Garden’ which is also the opening film at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival, she talked about director Shin Su Won while directing, “He is someone who has warmth aura”, she said.

Earlier, Moon Geun Young had undergone four surgeries of acute compartment syndrome and had to postpone her activities for a while. “I am now recovering. I want to thank everyone who worries about me. I say it from the bottom of my heart”, she expressed her thoughts to change.

Image Source : BIG ISSUE

She was asked about what kind of an actress she wants to be and answered “An actress who understands as much as possible, expresses, and is able to communicate well. People who are not ashamed of themselves. I want to be a person who is not ashamed to do anything even if it is embarrassing”, she replied.

Meanwhile, the Big Issue recently discussed President Moon Jae In’s visit of which half of the sales are directly linked to the income of homeless salespeople. Everything is available at major subway stations and Big Issue online shop in Seoul. The issue has published in 11 countries including Korea, UK, Australis, Japan, and Taiwan.