Wanna One Released Official Posters for ‘Beautiful’, “Why Does Kim Jae Hwang Hold A Brush?”

Wanna One’s newest posters for ‘Beautiful’ have been released, and there’s a sense of curiosity about Kim Jae Hwan’s concept.

Image Source : Instagram

On the 10th, Wanna One released individual poster of the members through their personal Instagram followed by “‘Beautiful’ MV POSTER”.

They wear different clothes with different concepts, among them Kim Jae Hwan is seen holding a ‘brush’.

Image Source : Instagram

Responding to the photo the netizen commented, “I think Kim Jae Hwan is holding a donut with a brace”, “Some are wearing police uniforms but some are holding brushes? Haha “,”He is so extra”,”He is adorable but why, though”, and so forth.

Image Source : Instagram

Meanwhile, Wanna One will release a prequel repackage album ‘1-1 = 0 (Nothing Without You)’ on the 13th.

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