Da Hyeon’s TT Pose in ‘Rain Canceling Ceremony’

TWICE’s Da Hyeon ‘Rain Canceling Ceremony’ becomes a topic of conversation. On the July 7, when the baseball game was canceled due to the heavy rain, Dae Hyeon showed her ‘Rain Canceling Ceremony’ on the baseball field in the LG Twins and Hanhwa Eagles show.

Dae Hyeon who appeared in a baseball uniform numbered 7, made a ‘TT pose’ and started sliding for ‘Rain Canceling Ceremony’. Dae Hyeon tries to slide carefully and prepares to slide again with the fans cheering for her. When she ran, she fell.

She felt embarrassed at the baseball field and covered her face with her hands, TWICE fans and the people on the baseball field made her feel embarrassed.

On April 5th, Da Hyeon couldn’t get out of the town because of the rain. She will soon cheer another game in another city.