Lee Seung Gi Reveals Life After the Military and Reasons for Choosing ‘Hwayuki’

Universal Entertainer Lee Seung Gi did his first photo shoot after military service.

Image Source: Star1

Lee Seung Gi recently conducted an interview and a photo shoot for the December issue of Star1 magazine.

In an interview, Lee Seung Gi talked about military life for 1 year and 9 months. Lee Seung Gi who completed the military and supported as a specialist said, “I want to do everything as an experience that can be a challenge like in military life.”

Image Source: Star1

Followed by “Celebrity Lee Seung Gi is a person who does not know his limit.While things need to be done is set up, Lee Seung Gi has become a special soldier” remembering the time he completed military service.

As his comeback, he also mentioned why choosing the tvN drama ‘Hwayuki’. He showed confidence, “First, the script looks fun and there’s trust I have in working with writers Hong and this project, so it looks like I can do well.”

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