‘Black’ Can Death Angle Song Seung Hun’s Heart Also Thump?

Song Seung Hun’s new appearance in ‘Black’ which is usually cool, makes viewers’ hearts pound. Drama OCN ‘Black’ depicted the death angle Black (Song Seung Hun) who has no blood or tears but manages to reverse the facts.

Black entered Han Moo Kang’s detective body and could sense human emotions, he really worried about Kang Ha Ram (Go Ah Ra) and showed a significant change from the beginning of the story.

Remained Friendly Although Uncomfortable

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In episode 5, Black did not understand Kang Ha Ram when she tried to save Geon Yeong, but this time he changed. In episode 6, he remembered Ha Ram even as he sank into the water and was stabbed by a knife. In episode 8 Black felt uncomfortable but still took care of Ha Ram’s injured arm. He blew her hands and wrapped them with a bandage.

The accidental first kiss

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Ha Ram realized Jin Bum was violating Tiffany. He was kidnapped to bring Sangmin to the police station, Black immediately asked for the help from detective Oh So Tae to locate Ha Ram. When he saved Ha Ram he said, “Please stay alive.” There was an incident when Ha Ram fell and touched his lips, so viewers increasingly look forward to their relationship.

Tsundere’s Charm

Ha Ram could not see the stone in front of the stairs, Black did not give a hand but protected her. In episode 10 Black turned into tsundere. He always uses his strength and makes Ha Ram fall. Black tried not to care and often made her fall. “I hope I have a face”, Black said to reveal his heart.

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Threw His Body and Saved Ha Ram


Black who removed Capsule Soul Ha Ram. When the other dead angels were captured when the capsules opened, the timing of Ha Ram’s death began. The man who entered the human body chased Ha Ram but could not find her. Haram who pursued to touch the shadow of death seen by her new mother’s husband, and the royal shopping mall crowded by workers who were doing construction and he flied like a bee while holding his hand. Black threw his body to save Ha Ram. That’s the moment when her feelings deepen. The ‘Black’ party released Black and Ha Ram romance videos and received various responses such as “Broad Genre”, “Made me laugh and pound”.

The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 22:20 on OCN.