Responses From CN BLUE Members Seeing Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee’s Kissing Scene

On the 15th at Myeongdong Seoul, in an interview with JTBC ‘The Package’, CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa talked about a kiss scene with Lee Yeon Hee that was being a hot issue both in Korea and abroad. Regarding Yong Hwa’s more radiant kissing skill and performances, he said, “Actually this is a topic to talk about. I myself do not know it will be so popular.”

Jung Yong Hwa revealed, “The character of San Ma Roo is like a child full of curiosity. But if only have that character, then it will not look attractive. I think the kissing and romance scenes can make him a little mature. Actually, I think there must be maturity in love. I think that’s why I’m doing a drastic kissing scene as San Ma Roo. ”

Image Source : JTBC

Jung Yong Hwa also talked about behind the scene of the kissing scene, “Deliberately not using NG. I was very embarrassed seen by the staff so I thought let’s just finish once. ”

Jung Yong Hwa also compared the kiss scene in previous work. “Actually in the ‘Heartstring’ there is a kiss scene but at that time I have not quite understood. Therefore I feel many shortcomings. In my heart, I say ‘this is the time for me to show it’. ”

Then how about the response from the other CNBLUE members? Jung Yong Hwa often chatted with CNBLUE members while filming, “It’s been talked about in our chat group. Of course, the other members also had a kiss scene in the drama. The members said “You’re really close” every member’s response is not so different ”

Image Source : JTBC

Jung Yong Hwa gained her confidence through the drama ‘The Package’. With 8-year acting experience, Jung Yong Hwa admitted there were times he was worried about acting before appearing in ‘The Package’.” It seems I can get the atmosphere on set with beautiful scenery and acting.”

‘The Package’ latest episode airs on the 18th.