Kim Jae Joong Successfully Held Fan Meeting in Hong Kong

Kim Jae Joong made special memories with Hong Kong fans and showed his love for his fans.

C-JeS Entertainment said, “On November 19th, Kim Jae Joong has held Asian Tour Fanmeeting ‘2017 KIM JAE JOONG ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING in HONGKONG’ at STAR HALL in Hong Kong. For 150 minutes, he gave fans a special and memorable experience which was felt like they travel with friends rather than come to a fanmeeting.”

Image Source : C-JeS Entertainment

Kim Jae Joong said that recently, he likes taking care of his skin, “I have not treated it for a long time but now I go to dermatology clinic and care about cleaning” and “Instead of dieting, I prefer to eat good food but keep up with exercise.” Kim Jae Joong, who recently said that he likes chicken ribs, got explosive recognition when he responded that fans will give chicken ribs to Kim Jae Joong because they have a long distance relationship away with Hong Kong fans.

Then, for the Hong Kong film question, he replied, “The royal wedding of a thousand-year-old wife is so beautiful that I see 40-50 times.” When asked by the MC whether that’s what he thought he would do in Hong Kong, he replied, “As a child, the people in Hong Kong movies are so great at fighting that everyone thinks they could fly.”

Image Source : C-JeS Entertainment

Before the final stage of fanmeeting Kim Jae Joong said, “By holding this fanmeeting, I am thinking of quickly making concerts in Hong Kong and I personally want to come to Hong Kong and travel and know where you live. Thank you for always supporting me and I really enjoy today.”

Kim Jae Joong will continue his Asian tour in Thailand on the 25th.